#BYOT: Blaze Your Original Trail with our unique & versatile designs.


“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”?

PieceMaker™ has seen a massive uptick in offerings of products which very closely resemble our patent-pending, trade and copyright-protected Tobacco & Lifestyle designs.

If you see a product which resembles ANY of our patent-pending designs and does not have our information on it (PieceMakerGear.com / PieceMakerGearUK.co.uk), it is a fake.  How do we know?

  1. We designed our products from the highest quality materials, from the ground up, and initially…just for ourselves!
  2. Due to their popularity (and with the help of our, ahem, extensive in-house testing), we began to build the brand. 
  3. We filed the bulk of our patents in 2015 and as we continue to develop new products, continue to file more patents.  
  4. In addition to patents (which take time) our designs are protected by applicable trademark, trade-dress, and copyright law.
  5. We offer premium customization for interested resellers, but these are only made to be co-branded.  
  6. By including the PieceMaker name along with the reseller logo/art, end-users know they are purchasing an original, quality piece.  

In addition to the usual knockoffs sold without our name, there are the occasional more direct copies which carry our website name, logo, or branding.  You can easily tell these apart from legit PieceMaker pipes because the site name is faint and the material feels thin and “floppy” and the materials are anyone’s guess.


  • We produce our products to an exacting standard, using FDA-approved materials and food-safe silicone and stainless steel (in products which have metal parts).
  • We are Western-owned (USA baby!) with deep roots in the consumer goods industry and are keenly consumer-oriented.
  • We made this product line for our own enjoyment, decided to share them with our close networks, and, ultimately, expanded to a global market which now includes the UK! (Woo 🇬🇧)
  • So….we use our products ourselves and we have complete control over our manufacturing facilities and the materials that go into our products.
  • We will try to maintain a showcase of EACH and EVERY product, style, and color variation that we ever create on our site (www.PieceMakerGear.com / www.PieceMakerGearUK.co.uk) (even if it is a limited run) so that you can see some awesome limited run items, but also so that you can feel good about owning an authentic PieceMaker™ product.
  • If you find a version of our patent-pending products that looks similar, but maybe a little bit off, please snap a photo or provide ANY information to us at Blaze@PieceMakerGear.com.  We’re happy to provide small rewards to our loyal followers.
  • If you see our products listed at FAR below our MSRPs, they are not our products.  They may be made of sub-par materials.  If you provide information on a store selling far below our MSRPs, please let us know at Blaze@PieceMakerGear.com.



  • If you didn’t realize PieceMaker created all of these patent-pending designs flying off your shelves, give us a shout (https://www.piecemakergear.com/wholesale/) so we can help you get the original & premium products your customers deserve.  You’ll be helping us reduce market confusion (no one likes a Dolce & Banana purse) and your customers will appreciate not being swindled.
  • If you did know about PieceMaker, but simply wanted to “build your brand” using an original design “borrowed from us” & made with generic materials, we wish you the best and ultimately feel bad for your customers.  By going off-brand to literally save pennies in your resale margins, you do your customers and your own “brand” a disservice.   Obviously, our legal team may eventually reach out to you (we do reserve the right to protect our intellectual property).  However, it is more about flooding the market with literal garbage and confusing customers that is so frustrating.  We regularly collect and destroy these knockoffs to ensure the best possible customer experience so it would be awesome if you could consider whether it is worth those pennies in savings and the waste in scary alternative materials that these are made in such as aluminum, pot metal, plated-brass (bowls) and actual rubber (yes, like a tire) or non-FDA approved silicone elastomer with or without fillers.

We may be posting the names of distributors and stores who are carrying these, so that customers are not fooled into buying a sub-par, hazardous product. Meantime, if you are a store or distributor that knowingly carries counterfeit product, be advised that not only do you forfeit all rights to that product during a raid, we will not work with you in the future.

If you are a store or distributor that mistakenly bought fake product and doesn’t want to insult their customers with garbage, please reach out to us at (530) 420-7680 and we will make sure you are set up with authentic, quality PieceMaker product from now on.


  • We are actively serving notices to manufacturers and retailers who we feel may be in violation of our intellectual property.
  • If you are in receipt of property which is deemed to be in violation of pending patents or infringes upon our trademarks, your inventory may be subject to seizure.
  • The pricing on these knockoffs is on par with our own pricing, but ours maintains standards and quality that our loyal consumers have come to expect from PieceMaker™.
  • If you wish to provide original, authentic PieceMaker™ product to your customers, simply reach out to us at https://www.piecemakergear.com/wholesale/ and we’ll help you get set up!
  • If you are purchasing from us, you’ve agreed to adhere to our Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) which allows you to provide the best support and experience for your customers.  If you are selling below this price, you are in violation of our wholesaler agreement.


Q (erroneous statement, really):  “But we think PieceMaker didn’t even come up with this design, so we’re just going to buy these knockoffs and maybe our customers won’t know the difference!”

A:  If you don’t care about your customers, that’s on you and we don’t want to work with you in that case.  The fact is, we created the PieceMaker™ brand and associated designs from scratch in and do have numerous patents pending on these styles and designs.  We’ve been selling our in-house designed products for nearly 2 years.  If you haven’t seen it, that’s simply because we’ve been growing during this time.